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Landscape Install

From small to not so small projects, we have done a large range of plant installations. We plan with you to accommodate your vision and your budget! Add a new bed or replace some plants that are past their prime. We work hard to find the colors and style that will reflect your personal tastes.

Landscape Maintenance

Mulching, bush and limb trimming, spring and fall cleanups we want your landscape to look its best! Removing spent flowers and browning foliage will do wonders for improving the appearance of your plants. Changing out annual flowers is a great way to add instant color in between bloom times of your perennials!

Irrigation Maintenance and Repair

From starting your system in the spring, repairing any issues that arise during the season, testing your backflow prevention device to fall shut down we have you covered. Ask about how you could be saving water with high tech watering options!

Vegetable Gardens

Not only do we offer tilling and soil addition to traditional gardens but we do raised beds! Your time is valuable and by installing raised beds you spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your home grown produce. If you have always wanted a garden but haven't taken the plunge, give us a call and we will get you on the path to growing your favorite vegetables.

Pet Friendly

Having landscaping and pets in the same area can be a bit of a challenge. By looking at your pets and their patterns/habits we can help you put in durable landscaping. When placed appropriately certain plants can withstand the rough treatment they may receive from your pets.  

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